Thursday, March 21, 2013

Testing. Testing.

Knock, knock....

Is anyone there??

It's me. Claudine. Yea, I've been away for a while. But all is well and I thought I'd come back and try to start up the old blog again. 

Why now, you ask? Meh. Just a couple things going on that give me bloggy post ideas. I started the AdvoCare 10-day Cleanse. (one word, grossfiberdrink - but I'm choking it down for the greater good) I'm going to Mexico with my husband for our ten-year wedding anniversary in May and I am soooo not bikini ready. I will be though. I will be...

Also, I have recently enrolled with doTERRA so I can buy their AWESOME therapeutic grade, certified pure essential oils. Bliss! I love this shit. Been using essential oils for years, literally years. Did you know you can INGEST essential oils?!? I did not. Well, let me back it can ingest (most) of the doTERRA essential oils. DO not try this with any other brand, even from the "good" health food stores. More on this later. Believe me, you'll read plenty about my new obsession of healing my family and preventing illness with oils. Oh yea!

We have our house for sale...again. Or still. I'm not sure where we left off with this one, but sufficed to say, it hasn't sold yet. But it's newly spring and they say the market is looking up so that gives me hope. What freaks me out is that we received the enrollment forms for Fall 2013 at my daughter's school and it's first-come-first-in-line for a combined 4th/5th grade classroom....and they only will accept 16 children. GAH!! Someone get me a pen. I need to fill out a form. Or do I?!?! Moving, staying, moving, staying. Ugh. 

And my little Etsy shop is still alive and well. For the most part. I keep changing up the products I offer, but that just keeps people on their toes. Right? Check it out if you are so inclined - I've got some keee-yooot summer party stuff like those metal flower lids for mason jars and decorative paper straws. So fun.

That's all for now. (If anyone is even reading this.) Hopefully more to come. Like an update on my cleanse tomorrow. 

PS - is this font too big?