Monday, November 30, 2009

Watch This Space...

Word on the street is, there's a new contest coming to this blog in less than a week and you could be the lucky winner if you pay attention! Keep your eyes peeled.....


Friday, November 13, 2009

ZERO point breakfast or snack

Even if you're not following the Weight Watchers point system plan, you can surely appreciate a good-for-you breakfast. My newest favorite is a container of Fiber One yogurt (I like key lime) mixed with 1/2 cup Fiber One original cereal. It's like a little parfait, and is SO delicious and filling. Imagine my surprise when I plugged it into the points calculator, only to discover that the entire bowl has ZERO points.

You heard me right! No points. And yet, it's a yummy, filling, fiber-packed bowl of breakfast goodness. I eat this every morning for breakfast and it keeps me hunger-free for at least 2-3 hours (something a plain old bowl of cereal never did).

Plus, it doesn't just have to be just for breakfast. This bowl is great as a go-to snack when you are out of points or just want something sweet with no points wasted. I'm not a Weight Watchers expert by any means, but to me, this just makes sense!

Visit the Fiber One website and print a $1 off coupon for a 4-pack of yogurt to get you started.

Have you got any good low point go-to snacks you want to share?? Hit me with a comment!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Coughing Stinks

I have bronchitis.
And asthma.
It's not pretty.

My 5 year old has been coughing for 2 weeks now, and my husband just started coughing too. Oy.

The good news is that I stumbled upon a cough syrup that actually WORKS, and it tastes fantastic too. Seriously, I can't get over this stuff. In the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit that I did receive a sample bottle of this magical elixir from the wonderful people at Boiron. But after we went through that bottle, I bought another THREE bottles today (I don't like to run out of things). I just wish I had thought to look for a coupon before I bought these guys. Oh well, my loss is your gain...print out two of these $1 coupons and then head over to Walgreens, where you can score $6 in Register Rewards (free money!) if you buy two bottles.

Bottles of WHAT??
I'm getting to that....

It's called Children's Chestal Honey. It is a homeopathic cough syrup with a bunch (9 actually) of random active ingredients that I've never heard of - and honey. No artificial color, no high fructose corn syrup. And I'm not kidding, this stuff tastes just like a spoonful of honey. YUM!

And the best part is that it works. For about $6.99 a bottle (minus the $1 coupon I found), it's a great deal. Trust me on this one.

Disclaimer: Be sure to check the bottle to make sure there's nothing in it that you or your kids can't have, and please check with a doctor if you have concerns about your health. The honey in Chestal is filtered to ensure its safety for children 2 years of age and older.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ladybug or Impostor?

Is anyone else starting to get really disgusted with the ladybug infestation this fall? I keep finding dead (or pretending-to-be-dead) ladybugs lying around my house in the strangest places. And I have no idea how they are getting in! They are probably taking the same route the wasps take this time of year, but that's another story for another time.

This story involves me, leaf blowing the yard, and an innocent looking first glance, the tree looks like any other which hasn't lost it's leaves yet. But upon closer inspection, I found thousands of ladybugs! At first I thought it was kinda cool, then I got a little creeped out by the sheer amount of them climbing all over the trunk and base of the tree. Ewww! What *are* those things?!?

Well, it turns out that these aren't ladybugs at all. Nope. These impostors are actually called Asian Lady Beetles...and their specialty is swarming. In late fall (yep, it's late all) they look for a place to hibernate and try to work their way indoors or to a warm spot. You can tell a lady beetle from a ladybug primarily by the color. Ladybugs are red with black spots. Lady Beetles are varying shades of orange, with or without black spots.

So what's a girl to do about this? Not much, really. They'll be gone once it gets cold enough, and being in Indiana I know that could happen any day now. They aren't as bad here as I've heard tell in other parts of the country, so I guess I'm lucky in that respect. I do vac them up, as needed. And my 5 year old thinks they are cool. So as long as the majority of them stay outside, I'll deal.

Wanna tell me your lady beetle story?? Hit me with a comment!