Monday, June 15, 2009

Crock Pot Liners Saved My Life

Well, I'm exaggerating a little. They didn't really save my life exactly. But they sure made clean-up a lot easier...which makes my life easier. And who doesn't like easy?!?

I've been using Reynolds Slow Cooker liners for a while, they run about $4 for a box of $1 each. Expensive, yes. But totally worth it.

Then one day, I stumbled across a similar product that changed my life. Ok, exaggerating again, but seriously trust me on this one!

EZ Pans slow cooker/crock pot liners. THE BEST!

You've heard of crock pot liners, right? Basically, plastic-type "bags" you put into your slow cooker before you dump in the food. Then after cooking, you simply lift out the bag and toss it. Wipe down the inside of your crock pot with a damp towel (I use vinegar & water) and you're done. Simple, fast clean up. It makes me want to use the crock pot more and more, which is a huge time saver.

So here's another great thing about the EZ Pan liners. They cost about .30 cents each! I found a seller on Ebay who had them, but they are also available on's a shipping too! You may not *need* 100 of them, but at this price you can either stock up for the year or share with friends.

Check them out and let me know what you think if you try them!

Let's do a contest, shall we? I'll choose a random number and the person with that number post in today's comments on this entry will WIN 5 of these crock pot liners. Yippee! My first contest. Post entries must be entered by midnight EST 6/15/09.

ps- please remember to either put your email in the comment or be a registered user so I can contact the winner! check back tomorrow for the winner's name. :)


Anonymous said...

O.K. I am ready to dust off the trusty crock pot, and try the Reynold's liners! Crock pots are wonderful when you don't have time in the afternoon to do any cooking. Set it in the morning, and "fugetabowdit"! Happy coking!

Anonymous said...


Claudine said...

Just a note to my commenters...if you're anonymous, I can't contact you and then you can't win! ;)

Lemony said...

I really need to get back into slow cooking. Especially if what they're saying is true and that this summer is going to be record-highs. Who wants to have the oven on during a hot day? The crockpot is great because you can put it anywhere. Stick it in the garage for 8 hours and it won't heat up your house!
Great idea Claudine, thanks!

Tracy said...

I love my liners! They are the best.

Now...did I win? ;)

Sharon said...

I NEED these!! Don't you want to help out a poor woman, whose dh is a hero currently serving thousands of miles away in a War??

A woman who is left at home, alone with her child only to wonder and use her crockpot.... *sniff* Don't you *want* to save me work??

Come on.... don't ya?

Oh wait... Ds would probably break them anyway.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Liners are such a great idea. I hate cleaning the crock. Such a pain.

Heather said...

You are a nerd but that is why I love you! Viva la liners!

Coupon Yoda said...

I totally love these liners!! They are so much better than the Reynolds ones.