Sunday, July 26, 2009

From Trash to Treasure - arm warmers!

I bought my husband some new dress socks for work at the outlet mall a couple weeks ago. He tried one on, and it had a big hole in the heel. One sock out of 3 pairs, so it wasn't really worth the 40 minute drive back to the outlet mall to exchange it. So...I had this brilliant idea on how to reuse that particular sock.

My husband likes to destroy things when he throws stuff away, so he was beginning to cut up this defective sock. I caught him just after her cut the foot off..... "gimme that!", I said.

I pulled it onto my 5 year old's arm and asked her where the thumb should go. She showed him, and he cut a tiny slit (not a hole) for her thumb to stick out. Viola! Arm warmers...just like Baby Legs or Hanna Andersson, only waaaay cheaper. But still super cool. At least, my 5 year old daughter thinks so.

Arm Warmer Instructions:
take a sock, cut the foot off
cut a small slit into what would be the top of the sock
the cut portion will be slightly looser, that goes at the top of the arm (cuff it, if need be)

You can even go nuts if you really know how to sew and stitch up the cut portion, sew in a cuff, add some embellishments...I just saw a bedazzler at CVS for $5, I *knew* I should have picked that up! You can also make one for each arm, but around here, we prefer the rock star look with just one.

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