Monday, September 15, 2014

Jamberry anyone?

I've been wearing Jamberry nail wraps for a few months now, and I'm hooked. I'm a nail biter. And a cuticle picker. I've tried acrylic nails, press-on nails, gel nails, gel polish and regular manicures. None of these things helped break my bad habits. But Jamberry....oh've saved me from ugly, unsightly nails!

See, I think pretty nails are kinda important. It's like brushing your teeth and putting on a clean shirt. It's not always easy (I'm a mom, I know), but it's just one of those things you do if you want to make a good impression. So I've struggled with a bad habit, mixed with weak, brittle, peeling nails making it nearly impossible to have pretty nails. That is, until now.

Jamberry nail wraps are like small vinyl stickers (for lack of a better way to explain them) that you warm up, press onto your nail, trim and file, then heat again....and you're good to go. They say the wraps can last up to 2 weeks on fingers, but in my experience, I get about 7-9 days and I'm ready to take them off simply because of the growth I'm seeing near the cuticle. YES! My nails are growing and I've even had to cut my nails a couple times. First time for everything, I guess.

Each sheet of wraps is just $15 and you get 2 manicures plus most people can also get 2 pedicures from each wrap. Can't beat that! There are literally hundreds of designs to chose from which range from simple, conservative french tips to crazy holiday-inspired patterns.

If you've never tried Jamberry, please do! Find a rep in your area, or ask me for a sample. You can find me at: and see the whole catalog.

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