Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Turtle Mama, part II

She was back this morning, presumably laying more eggs into the hole...and digging up more of the yard. I was able to get a picture of her this time. Box turtle or snapper?

Here's a picture of the nest too (sorry, I have no idea how to arrange photos here). Yesterday you could see one of the eggs in there, covered mostly with mud. Today, it looks like she peed in the hole and maybe laid more eggs. (That's what I read, I know, it's kinda icky but hey, that's nature!)


Anonymous said...

hey claud,
if you haven't found out anything about the turtles yet i checked and found a site of indiana reptiles and amphibians.
ben thinks its painted turtle. he thought that before i brought up the website so he might be right, same markings on it's head but shell looked a little different. either way, some useful information on turtles in the state!

Claudine said...

Thanks Anneka!! I think the general concensus is that she is indeed a painted turtle. So, now we know.