Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guest Meal Planner - week of Jan 31

This evening as I was sitting down to do the meal plan, I asked my husband and 5 year old daughter for ideas since we have 5 leftover cooked chicken breasts. My daughter decided *she* wanted to make the meal plan for the week. Whoo hoo! Mission accomplished. I have successfully trained her in the ways of meal planning.

Actually it was pretty cute, because not only did she want to choose the meals for the week, she also wanted to write them down. See the picture? That's her handwriting. And in case you can't interpret kindergarten handwriting, here's what we're having:

  • Sunday - pea soup
  • Monday - taco soup
  • Tuesday - chicken tacos
  • Wednesday - bbq chicken pizza
  • Thursday - gumbo
  • Friday - leftovers
  • Saturday - leftovers
Most of these meals involve leftover chicken, except the pea soup which is from the Soup Swap. I'm going to be so sick of chicken by the end of the week....good thing I'll be hitting the city of Chicago to meet up with my sister for some bridal planning bonding (and eating out!). She's the bride, not me. I'm the matron of honor. That makes me sound old, right? Ahhh, well I am old. Guess that works. ;)


TJ said...

aww that was cute- can I borrow your daughter to help me out? lol Although I had no idea until you helped us out- what was on the menu for Tuesday! haha :)

Claudine said...

If left to her own devices, we'd be having pizza and spaghetti every night of the week! But making a meal plan also helps out because once you start doing it, you can look back and a "good" week and pick from a pre-made menu of sorts.

Jenifer said...

How cute is that....