Monday, April 5, 2010

Meal Plan week of 4/4/10 & a clothes line

Spring!! Yippee. I will keep saying that for at least another month, until it gets hot and muggy and then I'll be complaining about summer and wishing for fall!

I've been a little off my game lately, and I blame spring fever. LOL! I'm getting back on track and back-to-basics, so let's start with a meal plan for the week....

Sunday: Corned Beef Rubens
Monday: Turkey Chili (a la Homemade Gourmet)
Tuesday: Taco Soup (a la Homemade Gourmet)
Wednesday: Gumbo & Rice
Thursday: Spaghetti & homemade Meatballs, salad
Friday: BBQ Smokies and Coleslaw
Saturday: leftovers

So the part about being back-to-basics refers to the sad, sad state of appliance affairs at my house. Murphy's Law, as it were, has decided to wreak havoc over here. My microwave went out last week, so I've been heating coffee (and everything else) on the stove or in the oven. Then yesterday, my clothing dryer decided to stop heating. ACK! So I asked DH to rig up a clothes line for me...which I've actually been wanting for a while now. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I now have a clothes line hanging off my lower deck.

It's actually pretty cool. The clothes do dry out there pretty quickly, but I was only able to get 2 loads done yesterday due to extended drying times. So that's a bit of a drag, considering the dryer can dry double that in the same amount of time (at least). But I LOVE the idea of saving resources and being a little more green whenever possible.

Yes, I *am* going to have my dryer fixed...but not the microwave. At least not for a while. It's an interesting experiment to see how I can adapt to a way of living that is not unlike the way I grew up. We never had a microwave at home as a kid. Nor did we have a computer, cell phones, dvd player, video game system, bread maker or any of the other things I sometimes feel I "need". I will admit, we did have a dryer...cause living in the Midwest is a tricky proposition for trying to dry clothes in between rain and snow storms!

So for now, that's my story. I planted spinach outside yesterday and I'm looking forward to more blogging later this week.

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