Monday, June 14, 2010

A Cleanse Day

Today I thought I'd blog about what a typical cleanse day looks like when you're on the Isagenix program, if you choose to cleanse. I choose to cleanse, mostly because I like the idea of ridding my body of toxins that have built up from a variety of sources.

However, TODAY I am cleansing in a completely different way and for a completely different reason. That's right...I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow. TMI? Sorry, it's my blog and I tell it like it is. :)

Anyway, I figured since I have to do the pre-op cleanse I may as well think of it as a total real cleanse and do a semi-Isagenix cleanse. Because I didn't think to ask my doctor about the Cleanse for Life drink, I am only using it in the morning and afternoon instead of all day long. And no snacks. GAH! I'm hungry, but it's a good test of will-power. Right??

Here's what to expect from a typical day of an Isagenix cleanse:
7am - 4oz Cleanse for Life with 8-16oz cold water
1 serving of Ionix Supreme
1 IsaSnack (little chocolate wafers which I actually think are delicious!)
1 Natural Accelerator
9am - 1 IsaDelight (actual chocolate, SO YUM!) & 8-16oz cold water
10am - 1 IsaSnack & 8-16oz cold water
12:30am - 1 IsaSnack
4oz Cleanse for Life with 8-16oz cold water
2pm - 1 Natural Accelerator
1 IsaDelight (chocolate, again?!? AWESOME!)
8-16oz cold water

....and this continues on, basically with Snacks, Cleanse for Life and cold water into the evening.

In all honesty, because you drink so much water and eat a few snacks, chocolates and the Cleanse juice - you aren't starving to death. You can also change up the snacks to inclue a small apple, a few almonds, or other choices if you really are struggling. It's more like the *idea* of food is what consumes you., I guess. LOL Mind over matter.

But today, I exist on water, lemonade, 6 oz of Cleanse for Life and chicken broth with a popsicle or two thrown in for good measure. Wish me luck tomorrow!!

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