Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Isagenix Journey

I like to do a springtime cleanse to get things back into balance and ideally, lose a few pounds. So, several weeks ago, I was ready for a new cleanse and considered doing the Master Cleanse again. Last time I did it, I lasted 5 days (out of 10) and it was horrible. I lost very little weight and found the salt-water flush to be extremely difficult and time consuming. I remembered a cleanse my sister's friend told me about a YEAR ago. Yes, it was a year ago that I first heard about Isagenix. I wasn't ready then, but decided to give it more research this time around....and it turns out to be exactly what I was looking for. So, I signed up for the program and awaited my shipment.

I started the Isagenix 9-day cleanse while working with my Cleansing Coach, Gretchen. Unlike other cleanses I've done, this is not a G.I. cleanse...meaning I wasn't spending my life in the bathroom. In fact, it's quite easy to do but it just takes some will-power. For those who know me, you'll probably agree that when it comes to food and dieting, I have very little will-power. But I'm determined to lose those extra pounds I've gained over the past year, and also make some really healthy lifestyle changes to my diet along the way. Again, Isagenix fits the bill.

After my 9-day cleanse, I was feeling wonderful! I had only lost about 4-5 pounds, but the additional benefits were far worth the time I spent cleansing. (most people are said to lose 7-10 lbs) I had an unreal increase of energy and mental clarity. I was completely off my morning (and sometimes afternoon) coffee, and I would literally snap awake around 7am every morning and just be completely ready to get up and get moving.

Then, I started with the 30-day program...which I'm still working on. Confession time: I'm a cheater. After following the strict schedule for the 9-day cleanse, I decided I could create my own plan for the 30-day. WRONG! Well, partially wrong. I am tweaking the general plan to "make it my own" and I probably could really just do shakes and cleanse days here and there IF I were just in this for the nutritional benefits of Isagenix. But I'm not. I'll be honest, my primary motivation is weight loss...and I know that *for me*, the key is to be strict with my food choices until I lose some weight and see some more results.

What the heck IS Isagenix?! It's basically a program of shakes, bars, snacks, cleanse juice and other products designed to provide your body with perfect nutrition. Here's my website, you can browse around at and see for yourself. It's really important to talk with a Cleansing Coach, so my friend Gretchen is happy to speak with anyone who wants more details on nutritional cleansing for weight loss, or just for good health.

So far, so good. I'm still down a few pounds and feeling great. I am kicking up the exercise and will be sharing my Isagenix daily food plan with you next week (both for the sake of interest and also to keep me's that pesky will-power problem getting in the way again!).

By the end of June, I hope to be down 10 pounds from where I started this month. Think I can do it??

Oh, and some of my friends have asked why, if I like this program so much, haven't I blogged about it before now? The answer is simple really. I tend to get into fads, and then quickly find a new thing to be in to. I wanted to try Isagenix for at least 3 weeks and see if this was something that woul stick, or if I'd just move on to something else. My friends, it STUCK! :)

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