Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Soup Swap 2012 - get ready!

I'm so excited that Soup Swap time is almost here! If you've read my blog before, you may recall that I am a tried and true soup swapper. The National Soup Swap is going on it's 6th year - and I'm only one year behind. I think, truth be told, one of my favorite parts about the swap is having my guests bring canned foods (soup is suggested, but it can really be anything) that I donate to our local food pantry afterwards. So much fun, and a little philanthropy thrown in for good karma. 

I have no idea how many people are going to show up this year, but I'm anticipating between 10-15 people to come out for my 5th annual soup swap. If I'm wrong, no worries...even just a few swappers is still a party. Guess what!?? It's not too late to host your own Swap. And really, you don't need as many people as you may think. Ideally, you want to have at least 7 people so that nobody gets the same soup twice. But frankly, if you've got some good soups to choose from (and a larger family) having 2 quarts of one type of soup is nothing to complain about. All you need to do is select a date and time for you swap and start inviting people. Word travels FAST, and chances are good that a friend will bring a friend...and then you've got your swappers. Last year, I had a couple newbies at the swap that I've never even met. How awesome is that?! Share the soup love!!

If you're not even sure where to start - here is the sample wording from my invite. I used to mail these out, but now I just post on facebook and email people. It's easier for them to respond, and I like it when people rsvp. Now keep in mind, National Soup Swap Day is January 21...but because that's a Saturday, and I find Saturdays to be completely insane and chaotic, I choose to hold mine on Sunday. It's all good. 

So - let's begin with the invitation:

Claudine's 5th Annual Soup Swap!

Sunday, January 22nd
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

You're invited to participate in National Soup Swap Day!

Simply bring 6 individually frozen 1-quart containers of your favorite soup, chowder, stew or chili - and swap with us. (one quart=4 cups)  You'll leave with 6 different quarts of homemade soup.

·        2:00pm – snacks and hot cranberry-apple punch
 ·        2:30pm - "telling of the soup" (This is each chef’s opportunity to talk about what makes their soup special.)

·        3:00pm - swap begins
 ·        4:00pm - head home with 6 quarts of delicious soup

As usual, there will be prizes for first and last soup picked, most unique soup and one special prize for a surprise category. J

  ~ Please RSVP at (put your phone number here) on or before January 20th ~
We need at least 7 soup-makers to do the swap.

Remember, you should bring:
·        One recipe card for each soup container
·        A reusable bag to carry home your soups
AND....FIVE cans of soup to donate to a local food pantry

(sorry, the formatting is all jacked up - just ignore that)

Now, take my invite, edit it to fit your own swap details and send it out into the Universe! Enjoy hosting a Soup Swap, enjoy socializing with a bunch of friends and soon-to-be friends, enjoy knowing you will have a freezer packed with soupy goodness - and really enjoy knowing that you'll be making a difference at whatever food pantry or local charitable organization you choose to support with the donations collected at the Swap.

And for those who are curious - I'll be making a slow cooked white bean with ham soup. Delicious!

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